Missing window when using multiple monitors

I use a laptop with a second LCD screen. By default, Windows assumes that these are side by side. However, my LCD screen sits above the laptop screen in the office.

On other occassions, I use a projector which I logically position to the left or right of the laptop screen depending on the real layout of the room.

Sometimes an Application can become lost in Windows XP. While the laptop is in dual screen usage, an application is placed on the second screen. Later, when using a single screen (or after moving the logical screen locations around), the application window remains at the original second screen location.

The solution is to move the application back to the visible screen. This is a bug in some but not all applications.

To fix:

1) Press ALT + TAB to select the invisible application
2) Press ALT + Space to select the application’s menu
3) Press M to select the Move menu item
4) Move the mouse & the application immediately snaps to the location of the mouse pointer on the screen.

For other solutions, see http://bensqanda.blogspot.com/2005/10/lost-window.html

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  1. >Just to let you know, you need to add some HTML magic to your ALT TAB text otherwise it probably won’t show up in most browsers. I’ll have to try your “mouse snap” method, it sounds more reliable than my “use the arrow keys and hope you move the app in the right direction” 😉

  2. >like Chrome… all i see is "Press to select"; "Press to move"… not very helpful!


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