Irish Windows Vista Launch with Neil Armstrong

Today, I attended the Windows Vista launch (plus Office 2007 & Exchange 2007) at Croke Park. I felt like an uber geek – at 40, visiting Croke Park for the first time, for a software launch – never having been to a match or a concert there. Oh well!

The launch was impressive. We will all get complimentary copies of Windows Vista & Office 2007. I had already received SQL Server 2005 & Visual Studio 2005 in November, 2005 at their launch. Well worth the day off work!

The highlight was Neil Armstrong and he was impressive. He humbled us with his knowledge of Irish explorers & scientists throughout the ages and the impact of their work on his own achievements & well-being in space. He weaved a message on the need to take the next step & persevere in your goals. One can evaluate the risks, & offset them as best as possible, but one must be prepared to take that step into the unknown. Success cannot be achieved without determination.

It is hard to believe that this man walked on the moon a month before my third birthday. I was assured by my parents that I saw him on the day but I sure cannot remember it now!

His talk was inspirational and helped me get into the mindset in advance of an interview for a competitive promotion. He well deserved the standing ovation. Thank you, Neil.

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