DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper Dublin

DeveloperDeveloperDeveloper (DDD) is finally coming to Dublin this October. Previous DDD days in Galway (aka Craggy Island event) and Belfast were well attended.

The DDD Dublin event is being held in the National Digital Research centre (NDRC) alongside Guinness on Saturday, October 9th. This is an all day event and is free; with lunch included.

Details and registration can be found at

While I submitted SQL Server sessions on both the Incidental DBA & on Indexing, it is up to the community (aka YOU !!! ) to decide which topics are of interest or not. Voting on the agenda is not open yet but will be available soon. However, even at this stage, please provide feedback on the topics; we speakers cannot improve our presentations without the help of feedback. You can even suggest topics that you would like to hear.(Speaking of previous feedback … in Scotland, the written Niall is pronounced Neil; while I am of Scottish descent, I do not require feedback about the Irish pronunciation !!! )

There are 38 sessions submitted from 20 speakers so far. So, there should be something for everyone

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