Xbox – Mass Effect 2

The boys and I are working our way through Mass Effect 2 at the moment. Bioware continue to demonstrate their reputation as one of the top computer “Role Playing Games” (RPG) companies in the world with a decent plot and great character development involving not just your own character but those non-player characters around you. A really nice feature was that choices made in the original game carried over into the sequel and you see these effects at different stages throughout the game, meeting many people that you interacted with before.

With clever use of mini missions and mining exploration, Bioware manage to convey an impression of a much wider open space within to roam than is actually there

The environment is beautifully drawn but, like the original game, you can get stuck in the scenery in some places and graphical clipping can be annoying in others. It can be frustrating that the game can appear on rails with a single path through the mission and you cannot fall off edges even.

The dialogue tree is improved over the original. The use of key words that describe a sentiment when choosing a dialogue path is a nice feature as it allows for a more concise tree. The use of left & right trigger for bonus paragon & renegade points during the dialogue keeps you on your toes.

No, I have not finished the game yet; I am about half way through. With 35 hours complete to date, I like to do one one of the larger missions or a couple of smaller missions during a single session. More more than this and I am sure that my wife will look for my replacement. I do find myself reluctant to put the game down.

As a parent, this is a game that I am happy to let the kids play. In the original, some atrociously bad US journalism created inappropriate hype around the romance tree. This sequel includes further romance plots for your character.

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