SQL Server – Managing SQL Server in a global economic meltdown

I am delighted to have Quest UK’s Iain Kick to present on “Managing SQL Server in a global economic meltdown” next week.

IT departments don’t make money, they spend it. As times are tough it’s important we all find ways to spend less yet still do an effective job. After 5 years as a DBA and then 5 years spent meeting with hundreds of DBA’s, Sysadmins, Developers, Managers and general IT people working with SQL Server, Iain has identified some of the common tasks they could undertake to improve the performance, security and configuration of their environments with little or no cost to the business

He will present at our usual place in Microsoft Ireland’s Atrium building on September 28th from 18:30

Since 2005, Iain Kick has worked in the UK for Quest Software as a lead consultant on their SQL Server products – covering pre & post sales and consultancy on all things SQL Server. He presents at various SQL Server user groups and at SQL Bits around performance, configuration, security, disaster recovery and high availability of the SQL Server platform. Previously, he was a production SQL Server DBA for 5 years starting with Version 6.5. He is the current Editor in Chief of SQLServerPedia.

He is passionate about football, cricket and music and plays golf. He loves travel, and enjoys socialising a lot!

He can be found at



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