XBox 360 – The New Slim Edition

There are 4 Xbox in the Flanagan household : The original launch Core (i.e. no hard drive) Edition, a Premium (i.e. 20GB Hard Drive), plus both Black & “Resident Evil 5” Red Elites with 120GB Hard Drives. All of these currently have 120GB hard drives and are internet enabled through 802.11b wireless network cards.

The Core edition was nearly 5 years old (bought at launch in December 2005) and, in that time, was replaced or repaired 4 times under warranty. Three of these were the infamous “Red Ring of Death” (RRoD) or “Three Red Lights” (TRL). Now, however, the warranty had expired and the next repair would cost.

However, my family did a trade in replacing this Core for a new XBox 360 Slim on my birthday. This newer model comes with 5 USB ports (2 in front & 3 at the back), internal 250GB hard drive,internal 802.11n wireless network card, black headset, and a gorgeous gloss all black controller (the older elite controllers were matt two-tone black & grey).

The machine is slightly smaller than previous versions. And is so quiet when compared to it’s older brethren.

The power and disk tray buttons react to the slightest touch & provide satisfying auditory feedback.

I understand that this XBox will provide enough power to support the Kinect camera without requiring a separate Power Supply Unit, unlike the original. I must remember to add the Kinect to the Christmas Shopping List.

Because this was a trade-in, I am not in a position to write about the data transfer experience.

One important note is that there are no slots for the original XBox 360 Memory Cards and the whole family is in the process of switching to 16GB USB memory keys. XBox is very particular about these and several different keys failed to work. However, the Kingston DataTraveler C10 with a 16GB capacity worked perfectly and could be found for less than €25 on eBay (including shipping).

Another concern to notes is around the Download Content (DLC) that you might have accumulated. My family consumes 20GB of internet bandwidth in a typical month and my monthly 40GB limit is sufficient. However, I almost exceeded my broadband limit before I had replaced a quarter of the download content collected over the years. Be warned – those Call of Duty & Halo maps plus the Fallout 3 expansions all add up.

In summary, … Hey, it’s an XBox … but it looks & sounds gorgeous and the jet engine noise is banished from the parent cave. Thanks, Microsoft.

Footnote – In addition to the Core, the Premium was replaced once under warranty. No problems at all with either Elite.

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