XBOX 360 – Halo Reach

Wednesday, September 15th, at 07:30, the local postal service delivered two very large parcels to my home. For my both my sons, all preparations for school were abandoned and whoops of joy echoed through the house – 2 copies of Halo Reach Legendary Editions had arrived.

Each of these large packages contained the game, a Dr. Halsey’s spiral hard-bound notebook, a huge diorama of the “other” (i.e. not you) five members of Noble team plus the all-important download content of the limited edition armor along with the much anticipated flaming helmet that was once the badge of honour of a Bungie employee. My sons spoke of little else for most of the summer; my eldest appeared to spend humongous amounts of time in the “My parents don’t believe it but I really do have nothing better to do than share the hype with my other like-minded friends” forums.

For the next two weeks, the sounds of plasma grenades, needle rifles, bubble shields, & the cries of frustration reverberating across Xbox Live accompanied the children when awake. An unbelievable number of parents have been subdued into buying this latest Halo release.

Finally, a gap appeared, and this father gets his chance to try it out. Like my sons, I started a Legendary Campaign. Oh my god, this game is simply gorgeous with beautifully crafted locations, some lovely lighting effects, and immersive sounds.

And the Covenant troops of the previous games are now a lot smarter and more agile than anything that we have seen before. Each elite & brute has to be hunted and eliminated individually while constantly remaining aware of being flanked.

Bungie are nastier & more devious this time around. On one level, while moving along walkways protected by railings to the next enclosure; a horde ambushes me and, as I reversed quickly back out to the walkway again, I fall to my death because of the one strategically missing railing!

The one major disappointment for both my kids was that their campaigns had glitches. My youngest discovered that the later levels were all marked as complete & re-playable while the earlier levels were listed as never started. This was despite the fact that he had played the solo campaign from start to finish. The elder son had the game hang and when he restarted, his campaign was gone.

I have not played enough multiplayer to form an opinion on it yet. Firefight does make a return from Halo 3 ODST and contains far more settings for the player to alter. It is an enjoyable way to pass the time with a few easy achievements to boot.

In summary, I agree with a comment made elsewhere that every XBOX 360 owner should own this game.

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