SQL Server – Demystifying SQL Azure.

Over the past couple of months, I have received many requests for topics on both SQL Azure & Sharepoint from members of the SQL Server Ireland User Group. Those requesting these are experienced SQL Server database developers & administrators who wanted to see how these differed from SQL Server & what the SQL Server technologist needed to know.

I was fortunate that I did not need to look far to find a speaker. Our own Vikas Sahni has agreed to speak on “Demystifying SQL Azure” on November 2nd at 18:30.

This presentation will cover

  • What is SQL Azure?
  • Value Proposition
  • Usage scenarios
  • Concepts & Architecture
  • What is there and what is not
  • Tips & Tricks

Vikas Sahni is a versatile technical consultant whose knowledge and experience ranges from products to projects, from .net to IBM Mainframe Assembler. He has lead and mentored people on different technical platforms, and has focused on new technologies from Microsoft for the past few years. He also takes a keen interest in Methodologies, Quality and Processes.

The meeting will be held at the Microsoft Atrium Building, in Sandyford.

The event is free to all. However, registration is mandatory for safety and security reasons at http://www.mtug.ie/Home/tabid/38/ctl/Details/Mid/369/ItemID/75/Default.aspx?ContainerSrc=[G]Containers/_default/No+Container

You are welcome to come along.

I am working on getting a Sharepoint event organised for December plus further presentations on Cloud Computing in general and, more specifically, SQL Azure early in the new year.

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