Top 5 essential topics a database administrator should know to maintain SharePoint databases

At the start of the month, I managed to find a speaker from our own SQL Server Ireland User Group, Vikas Sahni, to present on his experiences with SQL Azure. While I was unable to make the event, the feedback was extremely positive.

While SQL Azure was one of the two hot topic in the group recently , I am delighted to be able to follow Vikas’ SQL Azure presentation with another presentation on Sharepoint. Sharepoint was the other hot topic.

So, this time, Osvaldo Sousa will cover the 5 top essential topics a SQL Server administrator should know to successfully maintain SharePoint databases.

It will cover:

SharePoint Server vs. foundation databases. General considerations

Capacity planning for a SharePoint database servers. IOPS, Network and Memory

Best practices for SharePoint databases. Covering disk configuration, file groups, SQL Server proactive monitoring and data prioritization

SharePoint backup and restore. SharePoint vs. SQL Server backup

Essentials for optimizing SharePoint databases

Osvaldo is a highly motivated IT professional with eleven years in the IT industry. Ergo’s Senior SharePoint developer has a strong mix of technical and commercial skills having worked as software architect, Senior Consultant and Chief Technology officer.

The meeting will be held at the Microsoft Atrium Building, in Sandyford at 18:30 on Tuesday, December 7th.

The event is free to all. However, registration is mandatory for safety and security reasons at[G]Containers/_default/No+Container

You are welcome to come along.

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