Using Sql Server Reporting Services 2008 as a desk-top application

On October 25th, Sean Moynihan will present on “Using Sql Server Reporting Services 2008 as a desk-top application” to the SQL Server Ireland User Group.

Sql Server Reporting Services ( SSRS ) was originally released in 2004 ( for use with Sql Server 2000) and then fully integrated with Sql Server 2005 . The latest release with Sql Server 2008 includes many powerful new features , most notably Tablix reports which implement many complex cross-tab style reports

SSRS 2008 operates in two ways

  • Remote Processing Mode (Server Based)

This would be typically used by large organisations and, in effect, provides a reports “ centre “ where users can access reports based on security level . Reports can be scheduled to run overnight etc .  This requires some IT and database admin/support.   It also requires a licensed instance of SQL Server 2008

Users also have a report-builder with access configured by IT admin .  Everything  runs on the server and is deployed to the user via a web URL  or a SOAP service to a Windows application. Reports are built using BIDS ( Business Intelligence Design Studio ) and all of the filter logic  is built using the Report Designer surface.   No VB or C# code is required

  • Local Processing Mode (Desktop based)

Code is built to run and return results of a SQL query to Windows Forms application. Very similar to Crystal Reports.  The Report Designer / Report Viewer is the same engine as  above , but all the rest is done in Visual Studio using VB or C#

We will examine the benefits of Local Processing Mode

  • dotNet coder to service one-off user requests, zero DBA/server work
  • zero admin costs, zero license costs, zero hassle for DBA
  • possible prototype to evaluate Remote Model for your organization
  • can do more complex front-end analysis
  • use latest 2008 report features with 2000/2005
  • alternative to Crystal Reports costs/deployments

This presentation will demo features of Local Processing Mode using the Adventure Works 2008 data-base and also a sample Sage 200 data-base.

Sean Moynihan ( has over 25 years experience in industry and Information Technology Systems. Since April 2001 , he has been engaged full-time in developing PC application systems , primarily in individual project solutions for small to medium size manufacturing businesses. Sean has an MSc in physics from NUI , Galway

This event will be held on the Ground Floor, Microsoft Atrium Building Block B, Carmenhall Road, Sandyford Industrial Estate, Dublin 18 (close to the Sandyford Luas stop). Limited underground parking is available at the back of the building.

Registration is free to all at[G]Containers/_default/No+Container

Name:  Using Sql Server Reporting Services 2008 as a desk-top application

Date:  October 25th , 18:30

Location: Auditorium, Microsoft Atrium


(SQL) Server is in script upgrade mode. Only administrator can connect at this time

I got this one today on my home laptops and was beginning to panic:

Login failed for user ‘LoginName’
Reason: Server is in script upgrade  mode.
Only administrator can connect at this time.

Even worse, I am the administrator when I tried this. But a quick search of the intertubes revealed this

As described there, I leave my local sql server service set to manual and do not start it until I want to use it. Windows Update must have run a Service Pack against it but, because the service was down, the T-SQL updates were delayed until first service start (i.e. now!)

Wait a minute or two, and the database is available again and the message no longer appears.

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