Grade of the Steel …. If I push SQL Server really hard, how fast can it go?

Thomas Kejser of SQL Cat Team fame is in Dublin next Thursday July 5th and we are pleased to announce that he has agreed to speak at our User Group, giving one of his highly acclaimed ‘Grade of the Steel’ sessions….

When:                 July 5th,  2012 at 18.30

Where:                Microsoft Atrium, Carmanhall Road, Sandyford, Dublin 18

Cost:                    FREE Community Event


About Thomas…. For those who need an introduction that is…. Thomas started his career as a teenage coder, but moved into the data management space in the 90’es and never looked back. He has been modeling and tuning databases since, and is passionate about perfecting his high scalability design skills.

He holds a Master degree in Computer Science from DAIMI in Denmark and has industry experience across a diverse range of sectors including telcos, software houses, healthcare, manufacturers, retailers and investment banks.

Building multi-terabyte sized data warehouses, setting up OLTP systems for extreme scale and tuning world record data movement speed are some of Thomas’ recent achievements. If you need a bottleneck in your system removed, from code to hardware, then Thomas can help you.

Sharing of knowledge is important to Thomas. When he is not coaching developers and DBAs, he publishes whitepapers for Microsoft and his musing on Thomas writes and publishes white papers and he also reviews the work of others and contributes to their publications. Below is a selection of his work.

· The Data Loading Performance Guide

· The Analysis Services Performance Guide 2008 and 2008R2

· The Analysis Services Operations Guide 2008R2

· Scaling Heavy Network Traffic with Windows

· See and my private blog for more examples of my writing

He frequently presents at conferences where he generally scores among the top 10 best presenters. You can see examples of his presentation style here:

· Finding the Limits (voted best presentation at SQLBits IX)

· Lessons Learned from 128 Core OLTP testing (Voted best presentation at SQLBits VI)

Thomas’ work also includes teaching and he is one of the main contributors to the original Analysis Services Maestro Certification Program and he creates teaching material on SQL Server for Microsoft employees. You can see an example of his work here: Designing I/O systems for SQL Server

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