Getting the most from your SAN – File and Filegroup Layout – with Stephen Archbold

Synopsis: You’ve been given the task of optimising the File and Filegroup layout to get the most from your storage. Not sure where to start, or thinking you could get a more from your storage with a different design?

Are your SAN guys telling you your storage can process 2 GB/s but you’re only seeing 200 MB/s?

This session will dive into how to optimise your file and filegroup layout strategy to get the most from your I/O Subsytem, including a case study where we took a customers table scans from 500 MB/s to 1.2 GB/s with only a change in filegroup layout.

Topics covered include: – Layout for OLTP – Data Warehousing Fast Track Style – Data Warehousing on a SAN – Get data into your SSAS cubes faster (ProcessData) – Hidden options and “go faster” buttons – How to maximise performance in enterprise edition and master read ahead

Bio: Stephen is a SQL Consultant at Prodata Business Systems, with over 6 years experience working with SQL Server as a Production DBA. He has a focus on Performance Tuning and Consolidation to get the most from your investment in SQL Server.

Venue: Microsoft Atrium, Sandyford. Limited parking available accessible from the rear of the building.


When January 7th, 2014 18:30 – 20:30

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