Effective Indexing – Niall Flanagan – Belfast, May 15th 2014

This topic will cover the performance benefits and important considerations of good indexing design in SQL Server including

  • Considerations
  • Benefits & Concepts
  • Statistics
  • Table/Index Design
  • Clustered, Non-clustered, & Heap
  • Fragmentation
  • Why cheap hardware is not always the answer

About Niall:
Niall Flanagan is a Team Lead in a Database Services team that manages production Oracle, Sybase and SQL Server databases in a large Irish retail bank. Niall founded the SQL Server Ireland User Group in early 2006 and continues to lead it. In addition, he presents on SQL Server to various user groups and conferences throughout Ireland. Niall is a Microsoft SQL Server Most Valued Professional (MVP) since October 2006.

Adelaide Exchange Belfast.

Registration: http://www.mtug.ie/events/event/effective-indexing-belast-sql-user-group/

When: May 15th, 2014 18:00 – 20:30

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