Removing an MSSQL file that was accidently or incorrectly added to a database

Recently, I have had a number of occasions where a new file was accidently added to the SQL Server database; for example, to the wrong file group.

The problem is slightly compounded if there is Transaction Logging in place.

There are number of steps to follow to correct the error

1 – Force the file to be emptied of any data

USE [InsertDatabaseNameHere]
DBCC SHRINKFILE(‘InsertLogicalFileNameHere’, EMPTYFILE);

2 – Remove the file from the database

USE [master]
ALTER DATABASE InsertDatabaseNameHere REMOVE FILE InsertLogicalFileNameHere;

3- If there is Transaction Logging or Log Shipping for this database, run an extra log backup. One cannot remove a file and then create it again within the same transaction log.

4- Add the file again with the correct settings. Change the values below to suit your configuration,

USE [master]

ALTER DATABASE [InsertDatabaseNameHere]
    NAME = N’InsertLogicalFileNameHere’,
    FILENAME = N’Z:\InsertDirectoryPathHere\InsertPhysicalFileNameHere.ndf’,
    SIZE = 1024MB , 
    MAXSIZE = 10240MB ,
) TO FILEGROUP InsertFileGroupNameHere;

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