Xbox Error Code 80150017 for Irish (& possibly UK) Customers

Burnout Paradise on XBox 360 was available for free this month for Xbox Gold customers. However, I could not download it no matter what I tried.

On Xbox 360, I would get the error message 80150017 – corrupted format or incorrect region – while using a website or Xbox One simply told me that “My purchase could not be completed. Please try again later”.

A call to Microsoft identified that while, I was registered as an Irish billing customer, my IP was showing to them as UK and as such I could not purchase Irish content from the UK.

So I checked my Vodafone Ireland IP address using different web resources – and identified me as in Ireland but identified me as in the UK while identified me as the UK Department of Work and Pensions !!!

I did switch my router off and on and got a different IP but the same problem remained :

This Vodafone Ireland community thread ( shows that I am not the only “UK Department of Work & Pensions” (The conspiracy theorist in me wonders whether that is a euphemism for UK GCHQ intelligence gathering in Ireland)

For a finish, I took my mobile phone down the road where I could get a decent 4G connection (which is terrible in and around my house) and was able to purchase Burnout Paradise through my smartphone using this other service provider’s IP address.

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