Database Security Tools. Where Do You Start?

Lindsay Hamilton is presenting “Database Security Tools. Where Do You Start?” next Tuesday, November 15th at 18:30 in the Auditorium at the Microsoft Atrium.

There are so many database security tools in the marketplace today that it raises two, key questions for businesses and organisations. Should you be looking at buying a tool to fit a specific data security challenge you have, or should you be looking at what you really need to do to protect your data first and foremost, and then align a tool, or tools, to meet that requirement? Lindsay will discuss both sides of the argument, and will cover some of the tools in the database security marketplace today to help make a strategic and informed decision to really protect the source of your data

Lindsay Hamilton is Chief Executive of Cervello Consultants, an independent database security controls company. Lindsay has spoken at a number of data security conferences and events, including two previous SQL Server Ireland User Group Meetings, on the need for Database Activity Monitoring and Database Vulnerability & Configuration Management controls as part of an overall IT Risk Management strategy. His work covers all areas of database controls from Financial Services to Corporate and Government / Public sector marketplaces.

While the event is free, please register on the MTUG website :[G]Containers/_default/No+Container


Security – Scam Anti-Virus Phone Calls

Last week, my wife received a call, purportedly from Microsoft, warning her that a problem was detected with our computer and that the caller would assist her in solving them. She quickly became suspicious and refused to listen to the advice but told the caller to ring back later that evening when I return home. She informed me of the strange call immediately. Of course, there was no follow up call.

With a little research, it did not take long to find that this is one of the latest methods of separating the naïve from their money. The typical caller persuades the recipient to access a particular webpage that then allows the caller to access the computer and proceed to “fix” it. Once this is complete, the victim is then charged a fee for the service.

The idea of a complete stranger getting unfettered access to one’s computer and then proceeding to ask for credit card details should send alarms bells blaring loudly for anyone.

The Guardian has a good article about it at

Subsequently, I discovered that my father had also received a similar call in the previous week. Fortunately, he decided not to play this game either.

I must have them well trained! I wish all my extended family were so paranoid.

SQL Server – Data Breaches Prove Need for Database Controls

I am delighted to have Lindsay Hamilton, of Cervello Consultants, come to speak on Data Breaches and their implications for database controls tomorrow to the SQL Server Ireland User Group.

The last few years have seen many well publicised stories of the loss of key, sensitive cases and data breaches which have highlighted the need for better controls around the management and security structures of data and databases. Emerging regulation in this area, the threat of possible court action against directors and organisations being found guilty of not having protected the source of their clients well enough and Cloud Computing have all reared their heads as potential areas of risk to any organisation in the protection of their data.

This is only going to continue as further “naming and shaming”, and fines, affect the companies and organisations identified.

This talk will discuss the new business threats coming at the marketplace, and how to protect against them at the database and application layer.

Lindsay formed Cervello is 2006 to bring a new database auditing technology to the UK marketplace to provide alerts and reports to management of who was potentially manipulating the security structure or content of organisations databases against company or regulatory policy. He restructured the company in January 2009 to be an independent consulting company in this space, and previously spoke to the Irish SQL Group in April 2009 on the need for database vulnerability management and activity monitoring controls as part of their data protection of strategies.

With strategic advisors in the Banking, Insurance and Capital Markets sector, his work now covers all areas of database protection in the Financial Services, Corporate and Government / Public Sector, and he has spoken at a number of events in this area including the Microsoft Chief Information Security Officer conference in London in 2008.

Prior to forming Cervello, Lindsay ran one of Microsoft’s Gold Advanced Infrastructure companies based in Scotland, and lives in Edinburgh with his wife and two children who are now at University.

The event is free to all. However, registration is mandatory for safety and security reasons.

Presentation Notes

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